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who is sherah?

Sherah is a community of women supporting women. We are an innovative family assistant service that is empowering women and revolutionizing how to run the busy, modern family.

Our assistants - who are moms too - support our members and one another to get everything done that it takes to run a family and not feel burned out.  In turn, our members support our assistants in helping them have flexible, meaningful work that supports their families.


We understand the challenges of juggling work, kids, running a household, making time for yourself, and dropping as few balls as possible. It feels impossible some days, so we created Sherah to help.

Kristin Richardson,

mom quits job to keep others from quitting their jobs

Sherah was started in 2022 by Kristin Richardson after she spent over 25 years in marketing, including over 10 years in the C-Suite while raising two girls and keeping work and home afloat like all moms.

She knows first-hand how hard it is to hang in there and rise up in your career while feeling happy and healthy. She tried other virtual assistant companies first, but no one understood her local market, could take on the breadth of her task list, or run errands in person.


When she realized what she needed was to clone herself, she set out to make the next best thing to help herself and ultimately all women. 

Samantha Preddy has been with Sherah from the very beginning building our team, systems and processes to best support members and assistants.


As a mom of three and a licensed counselor, she brings the perfect balance of keeping everything running while also keeping both our members and assistants feeling supported.

Samantha and Kristin first met years ago as moms at the same preschool.

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Samantha Preddy,
Director of Operations


Sherah is now a community of 17 assistants with 35 children who live in Virginia and support over 100 Sherah families. We're multitasking, organized moms who know first-hand how to get your to-do list done!

From teachers and counselors to nurses and graphic designers, from MBAs and JDs to RNs and LPCs, our assistants are highly educated, highly experienced, professional assistants and moms who care about supporting other women and families. 

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