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Empowering Moms: Sherah's Revolution in Redefining Family Management

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

In the fast-paced world we live in today, juggling the demands of career, family, and personal well-being is increasingly an impossible goal, especially for mothers.

The constant struggle to manage all that comes with having both a family and a paying job outside the home often leaves us beyond what one would call simply stressed. Today, moms increasingly report feeling overwhelmed and burned out. They are struggling with depression, anxiety and increasing sleep issues.

The stress only increases with each child added to the family, and with each rung on the ladder as women climb in their careers. That's why many women leave their hard-earned careers to focus on their families or they "stall out" midway through their career trajectory without enough support in the home or at their jobs to keep striving for more.

Burnout Among Women in the Workplace

The Revolution is Here for Busy Moms and Families with a Family Assistant
Sherah's Family Assistant Service for Busy Moms and Families is Here

There's even an annual research study by McKinsey & Company and called Women in the Workplace that tracks and reports this struggle - among many issues - for women at work.

It's why Dr. Claudia Goldin, the famed and tenured economics professor at Harvard University was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2023 for her work on the gender pay gap. Her decades of work shows that parenthood has the greatest impact on women's compensation at work while it has little effect on men.

You can read more about her work here and don't miss this exceptional podcast episode of Dr. Goldin on Freakonomics here. She reports that the arrival of children brings a "sharp and persistent drop" in women's earnings.

So with more work and less pay affecting women, our families, workplaces and economy, why aren't more people paying attention to this problem?

Watch the video recording below of our webinar on

The Mental Load and Silent Struggle of Busy Moms

The modern mom faces a myriad of challenges that extend far beyond the traditional roles our own mothers faced decades ago.

Today's mothers are increasingly the linchpin of a busy family life, managing not only household chores but also coordinating complicated school and sports schedules catered to each child; organizing a myriad of social activities for their kids, spouse and themselves; caring for aging parents as they're caught in the difficult sandwich generation having had kids later in life themselves; and handling the emotional and physical well-being of the entire family. This mental load, as it's commonly known, is a significant source of stress and burnout for many mothers.

In addition to the actual time it takes to complete these increasing tasks for families today, they also have to be thinking ahead at all times of what needs are on the horizon for every member of their family. And if they don't, then our society often guilts them if anything slips through the cracks in our social media obsessed culture of picture-perfect families and experiences.

In many households, the division of domestic responsibilities has become a major source of tension between couples. Research shows that the majority of married couples with kids in the home now argue more over the distribution of household work even more than financial disagreements. It's even worse among heterosexual couples although the problem is increasing among all couples with kids in the home.

Empowering Moms for a Better Life

Sherah's mission is rooted in the belief that moms need and deserve a better support system that goes beyond the conventional.

Just talking about the problem more and providing more coaching to lean in more, ask for raises more, and ask for help more isn't going to cut it.

By offering a family assistant service dedicated to the needs of moms and families, Sherah empowers busy moms with a real, tangible solution to today's problem of managing a busy household with a busy career. And our commitment to redefining family management goes hand in hand with addressing the broader societal issues surrounding gender roles and expectations both at home and at work.

Sherah understands that every mom needs increased support in managing the increased complexities of daily life. From organizing family schedules to coordinating household chores, our family assistant service is designed to alleviate the mental load that burdens busy moms. By outsourcing routine tasks to Sherah, moms can reclaim precious time and redirect their energy toward self-care and quality family moments, plus be more focused at work and home. Sherah's innovative family assistant service of leveraging moms to support other moms revolutionizes the way busy moms and families navigate their daily lives.

In a world where the demands on mothers are constantly evolving, Sherah emerges as a beacon of support, offering a personalized and effective solution to the challenges faced by busy moms. By recognizing and addressing the unique needs mothers have today, Sherah is not just a service but a partner that is empowering moms, not just keeping them in our thoughts.


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