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the new way to run the busy modern family

Busy moms and families finally have an easy way to get the support they need to keep their family running smoothly.


Thanks to our team of assistants - who are moms too - and our online platform, it's easy to delegate your to-do list so you have more time and mental bandwidth for more important things.


Whether your list is long or short, the tasks take weeks or minutes, the help needed is in person or virtual, just add a task to your dashboard and we jump in when and where you need us.

now in richmond
and northern virginia

Sherah now provides both in-person and virtual assistance in Alexandria and Richmond, Virginia with local, on-the-ground assistants ready to jump in and get your to-dos done. 


We also have a virtual only membership available for anywhere in the U.S. and are working quickly to add local assistants to the remainder of NOVA and the Washington, D.C. metro area. 


everything a family
needs done

Planning meals, running errands, researching camps, registering for sports, scheduling appointments, calling a plumber, picking up birthday cakes, dropping off donations, and adding school events to your calendar.

We do all of that and so much more. Helping both in person and virtually, using our preferred local vendors or yours, we've yet to find a task we can't get done.

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delegate to a team
who gets it.

(we're moms too.)

Women often have a tough time delegating because by the time they have to explain all the details, they feel like they might as well have done it themselves.


Not anymore. Now you have a team of assistants to delegate to who are moms too, so we get it. Our local teams of almost 20 assistants with 35 kids among us have completed the same tasks for our own families and members. 

as featured in the media

how does it work?


Join Sherah and feel relief quickly thanks to your task dashboard and our assistants. 

Schedule your new member call and let our team get to know you and where we can support you most to feel better. 


Add a task to your dashboard with details including deadline and budget.


An assistant will begin working on your task, let you know if she has questions and keep you updated through completion.


Sherah assistants complete tasks how we would want them done for our own families thinking through all the details and ripple effects.


Plus we're here to remind you and provide seasonal suggestions. Time to powerwash those decks and windows! Need a gift for Father's Day? 

get the support every busy family needs today

starting at only $50/month 

+ a 30-day free trial


Local U.S. Assistants

In Person and Virtual Support

Personal Online Task Dashboard

Access to Preferred Local Vendors

New Member Onboarding Call 

Proactive Task Reminders

Free Regular Check-Ins by Phone

Easy to Pause or Cancel Any Time

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