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Welcome to Sherah, a personal assistant service helping busy parents get their personal to do list done.


We know life can be both rewarding and stressful when juggling kids, career, home and more. Your list of personal responsibilities is never-ending and often overwhelming.


Our team comes together and gets your tasks marked off for you so that you can be less stressed, have more time to enjoy with your family, and stop feeling like you're always behind.


We are currently accepting new members, but we do sometimes pause new memberships to ensure we take great care of our existing members.


Get ready to rise up and roar. She-RAH!

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As a Sherah member, you now have a whole community of highly qualified personal assistants who are moms themselves coming together to complete your task list.


We know how to complete your tasks efficiently and to your liking, both virtually and in person. We live in your local community, know the best local resources, and have the same to-dos for our own families, but extra time to help! 


As a new member, we conduct a one-hour onboarding call with our team to learn about you and your unique needs, identify where we can help most, and immediately take your personal to do list off your plate!


There's not much we can't or won't do, so send it our way!


From meal planning and better laundry solutions to researching kid activities and camps. Signing up for sports and scheduling  healthcare appointments. Shopping, wrapping and shipping gifts. Making appointments and meeting contractors. Planning parties. Researching travel. Getting your home and calendar organized. We do it all


Combining our own experience as multitasking moms with knowledge of top vendors in the market with the power of a whole team of assistants, we get your personal to-do list done. 


Now that we know you, we do our best to stay one step ahead of you by proactively reminding you and prompting you.


Anniversary coming up? Need to make that reservation at the dog boarder before the holidays get here? Your mom's birthday around the corner? We're here to remind you before it becomes a last minute urgent need and to free up your mental bandwidth. 


Plus we regularly suggest easy tips and resources to help make your life easier from home organization and travel preparation to laundry and meal planning solutions.


It's our job to help make your life easier.

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Sherah was started in 2022 by Kristin Richardson after she spent over 25 years building her career in marketing, including over 10 years in the C-Suite while raising two girls and trying to keep work and home afloat like all moms.


She knows first-hand how hard it is to hang in there and rise up in your career while feeling happy and healthy. When she realized what she needed was to clone herself, she set out to make the next best thing to help herself and ultimately all working parents.

Sherah is now a team of five personal assistants who are helping our members get it all done. They're amazing multi-tasking, super organized moms who know first-hand how to help you get your task list organized, prioritized and done!

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$100 per month
Join monthly and cancel at any time with 30 days notice

Join as a monthly member and get access to our community of highly qualified personal assistants who get your to-do list done.


Both in person and virtual, our assistants divvy up your tasks based on time and skills needed, and then complete them efficiently and to your preferences.


Task time is billed $15 per 1/4-hour each month. This flexible membership can be cancelled anytime with 30 days' notice.


$1,200 per year 

1 FREE hour of task time each month

Save $720 in task time each year

Join as an annual member and get more savings and support. When you commit to an annual membership, you get one hour of free task time each month.


Plus we can help you even further by planning ahead and preparing for what's to come whether it's travel, holidays or camps.


After the first hour of task time each month, additional time task time is billed $15 per 1/4-hour each month.


$5,520 per year 

Includes 8 hours task time per month

(Including 2 FREE hours per month)

Save $1,440 in task time each year!

Join as a premium member, save even more and worry less.


This level is ideal for the extremely busy working parent with children in the home. Sign up as a premium member and forget about it! Our personal assistance is locked in for the year.


This membership covers eight total hours of task time per month. Additional time is charged $15 per 1/4-hour each month.

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If you are ready to join Sherah as a member and feel immediate relief, please click here.


If you have questions and would like to learn more, please fill out this form and we will get back to you quickly.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a part of our wonderful Sherah personal assistant community, please click here

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Thank you and get ready to rise up and roar!

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