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Helping Busy Families as a Sherah Assistant


Sherah assistants are highly organized, detail-oriented and efficient with their time, and most importantly, care about helping busy families.


Assistants are contractors who work whenever and however much they want after they have been thoroughly vetted by Sherah and put through a background check. They also get to pick and choose which tasks they want to work on. 

Most of our assistants are stay-at-home moms who chose to leave their own careers to focus on their families. Some are moms who already work outside of the home in other jobs, but they like having another way to make a little extra income and to do it in a rewarding, flexible way.


They're excited to use their experience and time to be a part of a community helping parents and families. Their kids are usually in school during the day, so they have a few hours each day to complete tasks they know well from supporting their own family.


Want to help? Send us your resume along with why you would be excited to be a part of the Sherah community to Get ready to help busy parents to rise up and roar!

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Sherah assistants often help complete tasks that can be done from the comfort of your home - or even while waiting in car line at school to pick up your kids!

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Sherah assistants also complete tasks in person for members such as running errands around town and going to members' homes to meet repair people. 

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