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The Perfect Gift for Busy Moms: The Family Assistant

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

if busy executives have executive assistants, shouldn't busy families have Family Assistants?

Juggling the demands of work and parenting is increasingly overwhelming - especially for busy moms. As much as she would surely love a vacation, what is actually the perfect gift for a mom is ensuring she has more support throughout the year.

Parents find themselves in a constant struggle to manage their responsibilities effectively which is why most people today have given up on what we used to call "work life balance" and instead today strive for "work life integration."

In a society where work often expects moms to be on call 24/7/365, and our kids certainly aren't a 9-to-5 job, it's impossible to find time to do it all - much less have it all - especially for moms.

Enter the increasing hero of modern households – the Family Assistant. Not a personal assistant for just one person, not an executive assistant for just your professional life, and not a virtual assistant who can only help virtually. Busy families are increasingly turning to the solution of a Family Assistant that is dedicated to helping parents both virtually and in person to keep their family life running smoothly.

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Two Working Parents: Balancing Act

In families where both parents work outside the home, time becomes a precious commodity sometimes even more than income. From hectic work schedules to commuting to being stuck in back-to-back and often overlapping meetings all day, finding time to even think about - much less complete - essential household tasks and family activities can be a challenge.

A Family Assistant can help streamline tasks, manage schedules, and take care of routine responsibilities, providing working parents with the peace of mind to focus on their careers without sacrificing family time. And with two incomes, it can often be a more viable solution to delegate to an outside solution than continue to absorb the increased workload internally within the home.

Single Parents: The Biggest Need of All

For single parents - whether divorced, widowed or never married at all - these are the parents who find the need the greatest for a Family Assistant. They never get a break, never have someone else to pitch in and help, and never have someone to catch the ball that just got accidentally dropped.

And while income is often tighter for single parents to cover an outside resource like a Family Assistant, the greater need often outweighs the lower income. Because when you're the only parent there for your little ones, the ability to be fully present when you are with them is even more important.

Multiple Kids, Multiple Needs

Having two or more children brings a whole other level of complexity. It often means dealing with different schedules, more extracurricular activities, and differing educational needs. A Family Assistant can assist in coordinating and scheduling these varied commitments, ensuring that each child's unique requirements are met. From organizing playdates to scheduling doctor's appointments and managing school events, a Family Assistant acts as a central hub for the family's logistics.

Pets: Furry Family Members

Pets are also beloved members of the family, but they come with their own set of demands. From feeding and grooming to veterinary appointments and exercise, managing a pet's needs can be time-consuming. A Family Assistant can help organize pet care routines, schedule vet visits, and even arrange for pet boarding when the family is away, ensuring that the furry members of the household receive the love and attention they deserve.

Aging Parents: Navigating the Caregiving Maze

Caring for aging parents adds another layer of responsibility to the mix. From medical appointments to assisting with daily tasks, the demands can be both emotionally and physically draining. A Family Assistant can help coordinate healthcare appointments, manage renovations to their homes to retrofit bathrooms and doorways, and arrange for additional outside caregiving and nursing support when needed, allowing families to provide the best possible care for their aging loved ones without compromising their own well-being.

Kids from Birth to Middle School

Families with children ranging from birth through middle school face a diverse array of needs. From diaper changes and nap schedules to homework help and extracurricular activities, the demands are ever-changing. A Family Assistant can adapt to the evolving needs of the family, providing assistance where required and ensuring that each child receives the attention and support appropriate for their age and stage of development.

At Sherah, we've found that once kids are in high school they're much more self-sufficient and able to pitch in with scheduling their own activities, adding events to their calendar, plus driving themselves instead of having to remind mom and dad they need a lift. Most families do not need a Family Assistant once the kids are older and into high school.

Sherah to the Rescue

Families with two working parents, multiple children, pets, and aging parents are increasingly turning to Sherah's Family Assistant service to help manage the complexities of modern life and make it easier to keep work and home running smoothly.

By acting as a reliable, efficient and flexible support system, Family Assistants empower parents to enjoy the precious moments that make family life truly special. As the demands on families continue to grow, the role of Family Assistants in supporting these dynamic households is more crucial than ever.

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