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8 Tips to Pulling Off a Fun and Easy Halloween for Busy Moms and Families at the Last Minute

As a busy parent, you're running from work to school to sports to bedtime and then back to your laptop with less than ideal time to think about fun holidays like Halloween lurking around the corner. We get it because we're moms too.

While it should be all fun and games during these special times of the year, sometimes the preparation can spoil the fun - especially for busy moms. So here are quick tips and links to get you as a busy mom and your busy family ready for Halloween in the easiest ways possible.

  1. Costumes for All - Thanks to Barbie mania, it's the easiest costume for everyone this year. The message of the movie is that Barbie can be anything she wants to be, and in turn, anyone can be Barbie. Barbie is a dentist, a judge, a mom, a construction worker. And Ken is the easiest costume ever with a bathing suit and some sunglasses. Even "Weird Barbie" will allow you to wear comfortable shoes while trick or treating. So your crew can all go as their favorite Barbie or feel "Kenough" going as Ken.

  2. Pumpkins - Not everyone has time to trek to a pumpkin patch. It's never too late to have pumpkins to carve or decorate your front steps. Simply add pumpkins to your next Instacart order. Publix, Kroger and Fresh Market all have pumpkins that can be delivered within hours. You also don't need to risk a finger to carve a pumpkin. Even easier is cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin with a hand mixer and hammering a metal cookie cutter into your pumpkin for a faster design.

  3. Candy - Again Instacart and Target save the day. Surprisingly, Amazon is not the cheapest route for Halloween candy. So again, add the candy you'll be giving away to your Instacart and Target orders this week. No need for you to be at CVS or Walgreens buying overpriced smaller bags of the candy the day of the big event.

  4. Decor - In addition to pumpkins, quickly add some easy cobwebs to your front door and bushes, and you're all set. These cobwebs from Amazon are cheap and can be delivered in one day. Plus kids love spreading these all over the house and yard.

  5. Dinner - The night of the big event is no time to be worrying about dinner. Make these easy Crescent Mummy Dogs with the kids helping wrap the crescent rolls around the hot dogs. They'll have a blast making something they'll actually eat before running out the door. You can even make a more adult version by wrapping jalapenos as well. Just make sure you remove the seeds first!

  6. Drinks - Having people over that night or for a party? Make an easy adult beverage with Belle Isle Moonshine and their Spiced Apple Mule. Add some ginger beer and voila....yummmm. They even deliver!

  7. Music - Plug in your Alexa or favorite bluetooth speaker on your porch and put this Apple Music Halloween Essentials playlist on repeat. You'll definitely be the funnest house on the block.

  8. Forget something or no time? Sherah to the rescue! Sherah members always have the ability to add a task to their dashboard so that one of our assistants gets it all done for them. Sometimes we're all too busy to click links and place orders. We get it!

Try your best to make Halloween fun for yourself too, not perfect. Perfection is overrated and doesn't create nearly the funny memories for your family for years to come.

For a great example, check out our Sherah founder's family last year when they decided at the last minute to plan their costumes around their new dog, Lucy. All of these costumes were found on Amazon at the last minute. None of them fit perfectly, but it was the laughs that counted even more than the candy!

family dressed up in Wizard of Oz costume
Sherah founder Kristin Richardson and her family dressed up for Halloween with last minute costumes from Amazon

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